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The Right to practice Medicine/ Dentistry

 Obtaining an MD/DDS diploma is not simultaneous with obtaining the right to practice in medical/dental field in Poland. Obtaining diploma (with the degree of “Lekarz /Lekarz Dentysta”) confirms only that the dental/medical studies completed in Poland are compliant with the minimal requirements regarding the recognition of the professional qualifications.

According to the Polish law, in order to obtain full qualifications leading to obtaining the right to practice the profession, a person with the Polish “Lekarz” or “Lekarz Dentysta” degree diploma must still pass the Physician Final Examination (LEK) and Dentist Final Examination (LDEK) as well as complete an obligatory post-graduate internship (staż podyplomowy) that lasts 13 months (for MD) and 12 months (for DDS). Only after having fulfilled those requirements, the graduate may receive a full license to practice.

 More information:

Lubelska Izba Lekarska, 20-079 Lublin, ul. Chmielna 4,

phone. 81 536-04-50,

fax. 81 536-04-70

website. https://nowa.oil.lublin.pl/


Certificate of Conformity

The Supreme Medical Council (Naczelna Rada Lekarska), organ of the Polish Supreme Chamber of Physicians and Dentists (Naczelna Izba Lekarska), issues certificates in cases where the doctor is not tied with any of the regional chambers (i.e. is and never was a member of the chamber). In practice this applies to graduates of Polish medical universities who do not apply for the right to practice the profession in Poland.

The Supreme Medical Council issues a so called certificate of conformity which confirms that the medical studies completed in Poland that led to the award of the diploma with the degree of “lekarz” were compliant to the minimal requirements laid down of the European Parliament and of the Council on the recognition of professional qualifications and that the awarded diploma with the degree of “lekarz” is the evidence of formal qualifications in basic medical training.

  •  Further information available on the websites of the Supreme Chamber of Physicians and Dentists and of the Ministry of Justice


The Physician Final Exam (LEK) and The Dentist Final Exam (LDEK) IN ENGLISH

Only those who graduated from Polish Medical Universities after studies in English are entitled to take LEK/LDEK in English. In contrast to LEP/LDEP it is no longer necessary to obtain the limited license to practice. Only the university diploma is needed. LEK and LDEK are test examinations organized twice a year. Each consists of 200 multiple choice questions.

Passing LEK or LDEK is necessary to obtain license to practice medicine or dentistry in Poland, respectively, for those who graduated from a Polish medical university. Thus, as there is a considerable group of doctors who have completed their studies in English, it is possible to take LEK or LDEK also in English. Important: only those who graduated from a Polish medical university after studies in English can take LEK or LDEK in English. In contrast to previous exams (LEP/LDEP) it is not necessary to obtain limited license to practice medicine (or dentistry) before taking LEK or LDEK.


The first step to take LEK or LDEK is to fill the application form on CEM website.


For more information regarding LEP and LDEP please contact:

Centrum Egzaminów Medycznych w Łodzi:

Rzgowska 281/289, 93-338 Łódź

phone. +042 272 20 30, +042 272 2034

fax. +042 272 20 31

website: www.cem.edu.pl



Every graduate of the MD or DDS program who wants to perform 'staż' in Poland must contact a respectful regional medical chamber in order obtain a limited medical license (ograniczone prawo wykonywania zawodu).

In order to obtain a limited medical license, a person awarded a Polish lekarz or lekarz dentysta degree diploma, has to fulfill the following requirements:

- present a statement saying that the person has full legal capacity

- present a note from a licensed physician that the person is in good health

- be of high moral and ethical standards (a regional medical chamber can request a note from Krajowy Rejestr Karny stating that the person has no criminal records)

- be fluent in spoken and written Polish.

More information:

Lubelska Izba Lekarska, 20-079 Lublin, ul. Chmielna 4,

phone. 81 536-04-50,

fax. 81 536-04-70

website. https://nowa.oil.lublin.pl/

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