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Alumni questionnaire 2

Submitted by Alumni in Questionnaires 3 years ago
Study program
Year of graduation
Assess the attractiveness of the following options of the Alumni website
very attractive
News and announcement from MUL and more
Alumni profiles
e-yearbook for each graduate class
Chat, talk groups
Webinars with MUL employees
Live stream events
Access to the online library
PhD studies offer
Access to scientific articles and the possibility to publish them
What new website functionality you would like to propose?
How would you rate the website’s attractiveness? On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest.
Which would encourage you to log in / become active on the site?
What is the most popular type of university promotion in your country?
How did you learn about the MD/DDS program at the Medical University of Lublin? Please check all possible answers.
Why did you choose the Medical University of Lublin? Please check all possible answers.
Did you have any problems with studies in Poland, e.g. collecting all necessary documents, communication, lack of information etc.?
Would you like to be more involved in the life of the University by:
What sources of information do you use to find information concerning education? Please check all possible answers.
Do you agree that:
I definitely don’t agree
I don’t agree
I neither agree or disagree
I agree
I definitely agree
There is a need for some means of exchanging experiences concerning studying at MUL
I like reading about interesting careers of Alumni
I am interested in MUL’s events
I would like to know what my university colleagues do now.
I would like to use a platform to get in touch with my university colleagues
I would like to give my opinion about studies at MUL, e.g. teachers, books, interesting places in Lublin
I would like to share my experiences connected with studying at MUL
Would you like to be the University’s ambassador after your graduation and share your experiences concerning MUL with others?
Were you satisfied with your choice to study at MUL?
Please assess the studies on the basis of:
Very bad
Very good
Teachers’ ability to pass knowledge
Practical preparation for work
Teachers’ involvement to pass knowledge/skills
Teachers’ proficiency of English
Organization of classes
Level of education
Do you agree that:
I definitely don’t agree
I don’t agree
I neither agree or disagree
I agree
I definitely agree
Teachers were helpful
I had an adequate number of practical classes
The level of education at MUL was high
MUL offered possibilities to develop academic interests
MUL’s equipment in classrooms and labs was very good
MUL offered an access to teaching aids and medical simulators.
MUL’s Library offered an access to important books and publications
MUL took good care of its Public Relations
Please assess the Dean’s Office on the basis of:
Very bad
Very good
Assistance in solving problems
English proficiency
Providing necessary information
Assistance in getting documents
Who supported you during your studies? Please check all possible answers..
Did you have any full-time or self-employment experience before obtaining your diploma?
Are you active in the labor market?
Do you work in a position related to medicine/dentistry? If not, please specify why and indicate the occupation you work for.
What is your current place of employment?- enter country, city / village
How do you rate your earnings?
Has the Medical University of Lublin prepared you fully to practice the medical/dentistry profession?
The university did not fully prepare you for the medical/dentistry profession, because did not provide enough:
Please specify...
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