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From May we start our six-month webinar cycle for members of the Alumni Association of the Medical University of Lublin as part of the International Alumni project.
We invite you to the first meeting in English on May 26 at 10:00 CET.

The lecturer will be Katarzyna Przylepa MA from the Foreign Language Department.
Currently, topic number 1 is pandemic and its effects. Our world has suddenly changed, we realize that our life after the pandemic will not be the same.

For many of us, this requires difficult adaptation to new conditions, uncertainty about the future and a huge mental burden. Therefore, the key to this meeting is mental health. During the live meeting you will have the opportunity to hear how pandemics affect our mental health, how to take care of yourself and ask questions that concern you.

Join the meeting at

Get an access through student portal or alumni account

mental health during pandemic

The World Young Doctors’ Organization is dedicated to provide young doctors around the world with opportunities to work together for the improvement of public health in developed and developing countries, to facilitate networking between young doctors for professional collaboration and recreation, and to improve the general environment of young doctors in their place of practice.

What can be done to stop this mysterious virus? Researchers are working to contain the spread, and are learning new facts about infection mechanisms. The latest research reveals how tiny droplets carrying the virus can remain in the air for some time. We recommend NHK World Japan reports from the frontlines of the fight against a pandemic.

To fight the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we only have one thing to do: stay at home! Stay safe!

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„University Alumni Network - Medical University of Lublin’s cooperation project with its foreign graduates”
The Project is financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange under the International Alumni Programme