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Author: Pan Łukasz Belina - winner of competition "Moja przyszłość w medycynie 2021"


OPEN TO... Graduates Awareness Program of the Medical University of Lublin opens up a new way of creating quality, value, vocation and integration amongst academic society. We would like to include also first year students in our invitation to join the Graduate Awareness Program in order to co-create and develop   aspects of studying relevant for medical labor market since the beginning of their medical education. 

We prepared a dedicated development plan for students willing to join the program in the areas listed below:

  • substantive workshops, meetings, lectures
  • psychological workshops, meetings
  • coaching and career counseling
  • tutoring meetings with medical labor market representatives
  • integration and evaluation meetings

Participation in all of the events listed above will be an opportunity for Graduate Awareness Program Members to purposefully develop their competences, work on the psychological aspects relevant in the context of the chosen educational and career path, broaden their knowledge and skills, and learn about the actual expectations and demands at the medical labor market.

The purpose of the Program is to equip the University graduates with the confidence of being perceived as high class specialists on the medical labor market, supported with the need to share knowledge, skills and insights with the academic community in the spirit of mutual cooperation and fulfilment of the unique mission of the program.

The persons authorized to contact:
  • Elżbieta Anna Pacek, e-mail: , tel. 81 448 50 75
  • Anna Proskura, e-mail: , tel. 81 448 50 75
  • Magdalena Staśkiewicz, e-mail: , tel. 81 448 53 83

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„University Alumni Network - Medical University of Lublin’s cooperation project with its foreign graduates”
The Project is financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange under the International Alumni Programme