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Recruitment to the Doctoral School of the Medical University of Lublin

for the academic year 2019/2020 -2nd term ( August 2019) + 1st term

Rector of the Medical University of Lublin announces a competition for 4-year training at the Doctoral School of the Medical University of Lublin (MUL) for people whose research project is related to the implementation of the University Project financed from external funds.

Candidates participating in the competition procedure should demonstrate, among others:

  1. The diploma of completion of first-cycle and second-cycle studies or uniform master's studies;
  2. The certificate of the University Project Manager financed from external funds about the anticipated participation of the PhD student (I additional term);
  3. Documented research results in the form of publications or published at conferences and symposia;
  4. Active knowledge of a foreign language at B2 + level/in the case of candidates who have a grade in a foreign language supplement other than English, a certificate confirming English language proficiency at the B2 + language level (certificate list is Annex No. 6) or Certificate from the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the Medical University of Lublin confirming the knowledge of English at the language proficiency level B2 + /.

The candidate for the supervisor can be an independent employee of the Medical University of Lublin, who in years 2016-2018 had scientific achievements published in magazine listed on list A, in the list published by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of 26/01/2017 and whose period of employment in UML does not end before the lapse of 4 years since the acceptance of scientific care over the PhD student of the Doctoral School of the Medical University of Lublin.

In addition, he or she may have under the scientific supervision of at most 3 PhD students and UML Doctoral School (jointly). The number of PhD students can be increased subject to the Rector's consent. Obtaining Rector's consent should take place before the recruitment process begins and any consent is a mandatory document submitted by the candidate. The application form and Rector's consent is attached as Annex 5.

The qualification procedure is of competition nature and is based on a point evaluation. The education at the MUL Doctoral School will be taken by people who during the qualification procedure will receive a high enough score within the limits of the places. By a high enough score is to get a total of at least 50% of points from the assessment of the research project and at least 9.5 points for the qualification exam.

The qualification procedure includes:

  1. Submission of the required documents referred to in § 7 para. 1 and optional documents referred to in § 7 para. 2 to the MUL Doctoral School;
  2. Evaluation of the research project;
  3. Qualifying examination, including checking the level of knowledge in the discipline, the assessment of the ability to conduct discussions and formulate opinions regarding the area of the research project;
  4. Confirmation of proficiency in English at B2 + language proficiency level;
  5. Assessment of the candidate's academic achievements, abilities and predispositions  to scientific work.
  6. Determining and announcing the list of people admitted to the first year to the MUL Doctoral School;
  7. Issuing a decision or certificate.

Persons applying for admission to the MUL Doctoral School are obliged to submit the documents specified in § 7 conditions and recruitment procedure for the MUL Doctoral School for the academic year 2019/2020, in term 19/08/2019 -30/08/2019 at the headquarters of :

  • for the pharmaceutical science discipline - the Dean's Office of the Pharmaceutical Faculty
  • with the Department of Medical Analytics - contact person Mrs. Magdalena Krasnodębska, ul. Chodźki 1, room No. 21, phone: 81 448-70-03
  • for the medical science discipline
  • Dean's Office of the 1st Faculty of Medicine with the Dental Department - contact person Mrs. Karolina Sienkiewicz, ul. Chodźki 19, room No. 206, 2nd floor, phone: 81 448-60-06


  • Dean's Office of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine with English Division- contact person Ms Katarzyna Ożga, ul. Chodźki 19, room No. 4, 3rd floor, phone: 81 448-63-03
  • for the health sciences discipline  - Dean's Office of Health Sciences - contact person Mrs. Maryla Tębikowska, ul. Staszica 4/6, room 19, phone: 81 448-67-14.

Additional contact person: PhD position - Ms. Jowita Kałkus, Al. Racławickie 1, room 41, phone.: 81 448-51-33.

The documents should be submitted in white signed folders.

The candidate attaches a list of submitted documents confirmed with his own signature.

Documents prepared in a language other than Polish or English must be translated by a sworn translator.

Application for admission to the MUL Doctoral School, along with the documents specified in § 7 para. 1 and 2, submitted after the deadline is left without consideration, regardless of the reasons for not keeping the deadline for submitting the application / documents. The date of submitting the application / documents shall be the date on which the documents were received by the Medical University of Lublin.

On September 23, 2019, the ranking list of people who will receive the highest number of points entitling them to study in accordance with the places limit will be placed on the University's website.

The condition of admission is delivery by the candidate, placed on the ranking list of current research results and protective vaccinations, i.e .:

  1. a certificate from the occupational medicine doctor - prepared on the basis of a referral for research available in the appropriate Dean's Office,
  2. health book for sanitary and epidemiological purposes or a medical certificate for sanitary and epidemiological purposes,
  3. Hepatitis B vaccination

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