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Student fair Oslo Central
12 – 13 February 2020

Everyone interested in studying at Medical Univeristy in Lublin are invited to the educational fair in Oslo Spektrum. On February 12-13, 2020 you can meet us, talk and get more information about studying in Poland and at the Medical University in Lublin. Educational fairs are a great opportunity to learn about the educational offer of our university and to make contact in person. The Student fair Oslo Central is one of the biggest student fairs in Norway with more than 15,000 visitors in total. I hope to see you there!

More: https://www.tautdanning.no/english/oslo/


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To be on time, we encourage you to visit the medical marketplace, where you can find current information on events related to medicine


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Join the Alumni Ambassador Programme of Medical University of Lublin!

It is the perfect way not only to find your old friends; it is also an opportunity for self-improvement through our mentorship programme aimed.

The experience of our Alumni is one of the most valuable sources of feedback we use to improve the methods and programs of education at our University. We want to know more about our Alumni’s career paths, professional achievements and possible challenges. Through sharing these experiences, we will have a better understanding of how studying at MUL influenced your life, to what extent we helped you achieve your goals and how you handled the challenges you have faced so far.

The feedback of our Alumni will be the basis for the introduction of a number of activities to share experiences and skills between our Alumni and the rest of current students of Medical University of Lublin. We are giving you an opportunities to conduct workshops, give lectures, post your articles, give advice, write on the forum, organize meetings under the auspices of the university. Cooperate with the supervisor of the alumni association to develop the association and improve the quality of education at the university. Receive updated information on progress and new innovations at our University; receive invitations to exclusive events for our community.

These are only a few examples of how we would like to engage our Alumni in a cooperation with MUL for mutual benefit.

Join a strong Alumni community on social media platforms and help improve it!

Create your profile and send your application with short essay why you should become an ambassador at

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Would you like to receive a welcome gift set from the Medical University of Lublin?

Nothing simpler, log in to the Alumni Association website and complete your profile with all data. 

It's worth to log in, first come first served, for the fastest great hoodies, bags and flash drives. 

After loggin send your hoodie size to  



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Dear graduate,

Welcome to the Alumni Association website. Together we would like to create an alumni yearbook to leave a mark of you in the university community and future generations have remembered you!

To join this project, log in to our website, add your data and photo and mark correct checkbox. 

Its easy! 

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"University Alumni Network – aktywizacja Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Lublinie w zakresie współpracy z zagranicznymi absolwentami"
Projekt finansowany przez Narodową Agencję Wymiany Akademickiej w ramach Programu International Alumni.