Taiwan Medical License exam consist two steps:

1.  exam of basic medical knowledge

2. exam of clinical knowledge

Qualification: The medical graduate with legalized diploma, transcripts and rotation certificates.
Application: Online application + documents submission

When registering, candidates should submit the following documents and fees by mail:

1.Registration form.

2.Proof of exam eligibility.

3.Copy of citizen identification card. Overseas Chinese should submit their Overseas Chinese Identity Certificate issued by the Overseas Community Affairs Council, or submit their valid R.O.C. passport with approval from an overseas embassy or consulate, representative office, economic and cultural office, or other agency authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (hereinafter “Overseas Missions”) proving them to be R.O.C. nationals residing in a foreign country.

4.A 2.5-cm by 3.5-cm close-up photograph showing the head and top of the shoulders. Head coverings should not be worn and the photo should be taken within one year.

5.Registration fee.

6.Other relevant verification documents.

Documents and fees for online registrations should be submitted in accordance with guidelines found in the Examination Information Pack and on the MOEX registration website.

More details about the license exam.

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